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Volkswagen Introduces the e-Golf

Volkswagen has officially entered the electric car game with its 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf. About 10 years ago alternative fuel vehicles became become a hot topic as gas prices peaked and consumers started focusing on miles-per-gallon as a primary factor when shopping for a new car. Automakers quickly rallied around their preferred routes to improve fuel […]

Do you own a car thieves like to steal?

You can find out on The website has revealed the top 10 stolen cars state-by-state. Here’s what they have to say: We were looking up the top 10 most often stolen cars in New York state and figured why not let you check out the top 10 lists around the country. We took the […]

2014’s Most Expensive Cars

To the “1 percent” of the population that can afford them, there are actually quite a few super expensive cars that make many Mercedes-Benz and Porsche cars seem relatively affordable. It’s the definition of a First World problem, but for some people it’s irritating to buy a powder-blue Rolls-Royce Phantom, only to find someone at […]

Insurance Survey Identifies the States with the Rudest Drivers

Weaving in and out of traffic, laying on the horn, giving the middle finger – these behaviors are universally regarded as rude. But they are definitely more prevalent in some states over others. Which drivers are most guilty of this rude behavior behind the wheel? surveyed 2,000 drivers nationwide and identified the top 10 […]

Anheuser-Busch to Reduce Emissions on Beer Transportation

In a move to reduce emissions and fuel costs for transportation of beer, Anheuser-Busch has announced plans to replace all 66 heavy duty diesel trucks at its Houston brewery with natural gas trucks. This was no obvious business move. The trucks in its existing fleet are not old or falling apart. Like the Clydesdale horses of yesteryear, these […]

The New Line of Volvo

Volvo  wants to become a competitor again, and they’ve started by showing case their two new SUVs.  They have  embarked on an ambitious new era, formally unveiled the redesigned XC90, a flagship SUV whose sales performance will help recast the Swedish brand’s fortunes in the United States. The 2015 XC90 — heralding new styling, room […]

Harley-Davidson Goes Electric

Harley-Davidson has unveiled a new electric motorcycle. The company has been selling motorcycles for over a century and has a very active and brand-loyal community of owners. Though it does offer the more-modern VSRC and Street model lines, the company essentially lives on its rich heritage, offering updated versions of classic designs that date back as far […]

Best and Worst Car Resale Values Revealed

If you’re looking to purchase a vehicle with the best resale value, think twice about that luxury sedan. Pickup trucks generally fare best when it comes to depreciation, finds a study by The study looked at the prices of used cars from the 2008 to 2012 model years from March 2013, to March 2014. […]

A New Crossover Coupe for Mercedes-Benz?

BMW and Mercedes have always gone head to head trying to outsell one another in order to win market share. When BMW opened a whole Pandora’s Box introducing the X6 back in 2008, you knew Mercedes would come out with something similar. Sure it made little sense, sacrificing all that “utility” for a little more “sport,” […]

BMW Announces Exclusive Summer Upgrades

BMW is constantly striving to improve its products. In doing so, it has announced a series of upgrades for the summer. Here are the most notable ones. For one, the Bavarian automaker has announced that is is offering xDrive traction on the M235i coupe, a model that has been available until now only in rear-drive […]

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