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BMW Announces Exclusive Summer Upgrades

BMW is constantly striving to improve its products. In doing so, it has announced a series of upgrades for the summer. Here are the most notable ones.

For one, the Bavarian automaker has announced that is is offering xDrive traction on the M235i coupe, a model that has been available until now only in rear-drive configuration. The all-wheel drive version comes with the same 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline-six with 326 horsepower (320 in the North American market) and eight-speed automatic transmission as the rear-drive version, but now channels that power to all four wheels for a 0-62 (0-100km/h) time quoted at 4.6 seconds – two little ticks quicker than the existing version. It’s the first time that all-wheel drive is being offered on the 2 Series, and will also be fitted on the convertible – at least, that is, in Europe. We’re waiting on confirmation of North American availability.

Among the other announcements is a special edition of BMW’s flagship luxury sedan. The 7 Series Exclusive Edition upgrades with metallic paint, 19-inch V-spoke alloys, Nappa leather upholstery and a leather-trimmed instrument panel. Buyers will also be able to opt for the Merino fine grain leather and Alcantara roof lining from the BMW Individual catalog, and choose between any available engine or either wheelbase lengths.

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