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Traffic Impacts Trucking Industry

Every morning and evening traffic increases causing jams and holding up everybody.  Traffic congestion costs the U.S. trucking industry nearly $50 billion annually, and without a massive investment in roads, highways and other infrastructure, it is expected to get worse. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that the U.S. needs to pour $1.7 trillion […]

The Problems With Autonomous Driving

Although autonomous driving is a incredible concept the safety aspects are concerning, before they can be bight by the mass market. In the interest of facilitating a robust conversation, I want to offer seven of the most pressing concerns. Effective decision making, as Peter Drucker observed, depends on the dialogue between different points of view […]

Would You Pay The Same For A Used Car As You Would A Used Smart Car

  Since idea of electric cars was introduced they have faced many obstacles, which have lead them to the increasing sales they have today. One of the challenges of increasing sales of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) has been their lack of affordability for the majority of car buyers. However, the new generation of PEVs is becoming more […]

Car Companies No Longer Have To Take The Same Route To Get To Autonomous Driving

  Steps are being made towards cars that are able to drive themselves, but how the car companies will get there is up in the air. They might arrive just as much by evolution, with everyday cars getting gradually smarter, as by sudden shifts to fully self-driving vehicles. Autonomous driving — and its potential for […]

Low Price At The Pump, Limits Need For Electric Cars

  Everyone has noticed the change in fuel prices at gas stations, but that effects more than just how much you pay with your card. Americans bought about 13,000 battery-powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles in December – one of the best months on record for those kinds of cars and trucks. But that’s only about […]

Qualcomm Chip Making Smart Cars Smarter

Everyday the automotive industry delves even further into smartphone technology and now they are one step closer. On Tuesday at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, the San Diego, Calif.-based chip maker announced the second generation of its automotive-grade “system on a chip” (SoC) with the Snapdragon 820A. The new chip is built off of its […]

What Should The Car Companies Resolution Be

  Some people promise to go on a diet and lose weight, some eat healthier or try to get up earlier, every makes a change for the new year, so what should the car companies do. Some suggested New Year’s resolutions for car companies in 2016. The times are changing. Don’t get left in the […]

Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day Car Sales All Around

Some people rushed in to purchase a tv or save on gifts, while others bought a car for themselves and there family. Thanks in part to Black Friday deals and other specials that began well before Thanksgiving and continue to run past New Year’s Day, U.S. auto sales are set to break the all-time record in 2015, […]

How To Bring Your Pets Along Safely On The Holidays

  Holidays are for spending time with your families, and your dogs and cats are definitely part of that family. So don’t let a road trip stop you from spending time with them. According to the AAA, 91.3 million Americans will be hitting the roads to visit friends and/or relatives 50 miles or farther from home […]

Traffic Jams Across The Country Which Are The Worst?

The average person spends hours and hours in traffic coming to and home from work and errands or even visiting family, especially in these locations. The top-ranked chokepoint in the nation is in Chicago, a stretch of highway that extends 12 miles, costs motorists 16.9 million hours’ worth of time and wastes more than 6.3 […]

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