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Do you own a car thieves like to steal?

You can find out on The website has revealed the top 10 stolen cars state-by-state. Here’s what they have to say:

We were looking up the top 10 most often stolen cars in New York state and figured why not let you check out the top 10 lists around the country.

We took the car theft data compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau each year and created a database that lets you check out any state to find out their top 10 most stolen cars.

And you can also check how popular your car is among car thieves in each state.

A few things we found:

– Hondas made the top 10 lists in every state.

– Saturns, a car that hasn’t been made since 2009, made it on one western state’s top 10 list.

– Oldsmobile, the oldest American automobile marquee when it closed in 2004, made the top 10 list in one midwest state.

– Half the top 10 stolen vehicles in Alaska, New Mexico and West Virginia are pick up trucks.

Get the whole story and search your state here:

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