Every morning and evening traffic increases causing jams and holding up everybody.  Traffic congestion costs the U.S. trucking industry nearly $50 billion annually, and without a massive investment in roads, highways and other infrastructure, it is expected to get worse.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates that the U.S. needs to pour $1.7 trillion into the country’s surface transportation by 2020.

Truckers lost 728 million hours in delivery time to traffic jams in 2014, according to a study of the national highway system by the American Transport Research Institute. That’s

“This is a huge issue,” said Joe Rajkovacz, governmental affairs director of the Western States Trucking Association. “Delays cost money and ultimately increase the cost of transported goods.”

The cost of delays due to traffic congestion amounted to about $26,625 per truck that traveled 150,000 miles annually, ATRI reported.

The problem is so widespread that truckers in more than a dozen states lost $1 billion in time from traffic congestion, the research institute said. In both Florida and Texas, the tally reached $4 billion.

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