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Zipcar car-sharing service celebrates 15 year in United States

Zipcar first launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts 15 years ago. Things were much different then. Smart phones and social media didn’t exist and the idea of “sharing” was relegated to toddlers and libraries.

Today, thanks to the success of Zipcar and its members sharing thousands of cars in hundreds of locations around the world, cities have a wider variety of transportation options that reduce parking demand, save businesses, students and consumers money and decrease emissions and pollution.

To celebrate its birthday, and to salute its members and their impact on the future of transportation, Zipcar is hosting promotions, events and parties in communities and cities around the world throughout 2015.

Zipcar has grown from its first car, a VW Bug named Bilbo (which was accessed via a key hidden under a rock), to a technologically-advanced, profitable international business.

Today Zipcar offers car sharing in more neighbourhoods, towns, cities, airports and campuses than any other provider.

With a variety of service options, more than 30 vehicle types from which to choose, business, government, university and FastFleet programs and a loyal membership base, Zipcar continues to drive growth and inspire innovation as the world’s leading car sharing network.

Over the next 15 years Zipcar will bring more car sharing to more people in more places around the world.

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